In which it is still February

*polishes header*

*puts on the kettle and arranges the tea things*

*sets out the welcome mat*

Hi. And welcome to my space. It’s blizzarding outside (the true north, strong and free, baby) and I am safely inside nursing a cuppa and wondering why Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain thought settling here was a good idea. My mother’s prosaic solution is that they just couldn’t go any further. And until I come up with a suitably exciting theory, I think that’s what I’ll have to live with.


And yet the snow and the cold and lands of ice and snow still fascinate me. While the current writing project does not involve a land of eternal winter, it’s a plot bunny I’ve filed away for future use (by which I mean: I’ve stuck it in a box and sealed it with duct tape and shoved said box in a closet with the others) so that I can concentrate on the novel at hand dammit. Which has just hit the 40k mark.


I’ve been living with this story for a long time. It’s a rewrite of something I wrote years ago and have now come back to. Watching the world and characters expand and grow into what they were meant to be is…thrilling. And lemme say, the writing really helps me get through the cold, long winter days.

Stay warm out there.

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