7/7/7/7 Challenge

In a fit of academic procrastination creativity, I am finally getting around to responding to Maggie Maxwell who tagged me for a “Share Your Work” blog challenge.

In short, you go to the seventh page of a WiP, count down to the seventh line and then share the following seven lines with your readers. And then you tag seven more people. (That last part still needs work…if you have a blog and a WiP of at least 7 pages and want to be tagged, leave me a comment with a link to your blog)

This wee segment is from my novel In Secret Kept, an adult high fantasy. The story opens with an ill-fated journey.


Brilliance at work.
             Brilliance at work.


Yes, Father. May I be excused, Father? Father, please.

What had happened to her? To him? Once there had been laughter, and music, and late-night games of chess. And then her mother died and everything changed.

Biting back tears, Alodia pushed away from the wall. Not now. She couldn’t fall apart here where all could see.

She set off down the hall, the click of her boots echoing loudly in the quiet. The silence, too, was all wrong.


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