That’s the thing about grace… (an Easter post)

So, it’s Easter. Which means I’ve been thinking about grace a lot more than usual.

What do I mean by grace? The simplest explanation I can give for it is this:

God’s grace looks at what we deserve, and offers us what we don’t.

Grace isn’t pretty.

It isn’t neat.

It costs.

Grace is uncomfortable. Grace isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. It reaches down into the muck, gets all the dirt under its fingernails, and hauls you up again. Grace is God saying, “The world wants nothing to do with you. But I do.”

King David in the Old Testament: had his captain Uriah murdered so he could marry Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. He repented and God redeemed him.

The Apostle Paul: ordered Christians tortured and executed. Redeemed and became one of the greatest apostles.

And the list goes on. Seriously, the Bible is full of really sketchy characters. Sketchy characters and broken people who were granted grace and went on to flip their lives right around.

This is the grace I believe in. The grace I have seen. This is the grace I write about.


Happy Easter.

3 thoughts on “That’s the thing about grace… (an Easter post)

  1. I’m not 100% sure how my post led to this, but it’s a fascinating read nevertheless.

    Plus, the comic at the end makes sense of a long-standing question I’ve had. Happy Easter to you as well.


    • 🙂 The reason your blog post led to this is because while it (grace) infuses the stories I write, it’s fundamentally something that comes from my faith and I find it difficult to bring up things faith-related due to certain past experiences. But this post was something that’s been niggling at me for a while, so my brain took *your* post as a challenge and said “Challenge accepted” and I went “Um, ok!”


  2. Each year on Epiphany, at church, we pull a star with a word on it out of a basket, to ponder through the year. This year my word is “Grace.” Thanks for giving me more to ponder!

    Great BC cartoon. Thanks for that, too. Happy Easter!

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