The Midnight Hour — FINALLY FINISHED!!!!

Woah woah woah.

I finished the book. And not only did I finish the book, but I finished the edits. And then the query. And then the synopsis. And now I’m starting to go out on submission.



So if you want to know what the book is about…here ya go:


The heist at the jeweler’s goes with surgical precision – until Doctor Raoul Daviau discovers that one of his men is missing, along with a diamond shipment. At first Raoul assumes the man is indulging his habit in the opium dens, but when his mutilated body is discovered – without the diamonds – Raoul is forced to reconsider. Without a whisper in the slums about the gems, the next place to look is the holier-than-thou upper class. The same upper class that spat him out in disgrace for letting a boy die on the operating table ten years before.

But Raoul’s search for the missing shipment is complicated when monsters begin to creep into the festering streets of the slums he calls home. Known as the pallidi, they are human vessels infected by parasitical spirits. Someone from the upper classes is breeding them through a strange marriage of medical science and the occult – and they are using the slums as a hunting ground.

To find his diamonds and the truth about his murdered man, Raoul infiltrates the sinister ranks of the elite and uncovers a plan to cleanse the slums through unholy experiments. But the slums aren’t the only thing they want purged, for the elite remember why they ostracized Raoul – and as Raoul’s allies begin to do the same, he must choose who to trust. If he chooses wrong, he’ll find himself on the operating table as the subject of a monstrous experiment.

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (96 000 words) is a work of Victoriana horror with fantasy and steampunk elements.


And that’s what I’ve got. For now.