C’est moi

I’m a juggler.

No, really.

I write SFF, I dance, I travel, I work full-time, and I’m a former grad student whose research focused on women in Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse sagas. Because why not?


I’m also fairly rubbish at “About Me”, so I’ll keep the rest of it short: I’m Canadian, born, raised, & living in Québec (which is really it’s own animal, but hey. Vive la belle province!), and despite the fact that the winters are too bloody cold, I have developed a potentially unhealthy fascination with the Arctic and Other Cold Places. Blame the grad research and enter dreams of visiting Iceland. Also in love with the Romantics and the Victorians, 1812, and learning as many languages as I can. And I have no desire to be cured of my ballroom dancing addiction. Dance is life. 😛

Like I said: short. The rest will follow.

Wæs hal!

Far vel!

À bientôt!

Скоро увидимся!

Hasta luego!

4 thoughts on “C’est moi

  1. My grandmother was from Montreal. I’m glad your metabolism’s up to it. I’m not fascinated with cold at all, although the pictures I’ve seen of Quebec in the summer look very beautiful.

    Nice video clip. 🙂


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