The Midnight Hour Query/Update

*blows dust off of blog*

*mad hacking and coughing ensues*


I surviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiived! (though I should have changed the locks and made you leave your key, but whatever)

This is not a lengthy update…I promise something more concrete soon. But at the moment the novel is ALMOST FINISHED (lemme hear ya say amen). I’ll celebrate with champagne here once the draft is done. Watch this space 😉  In the meantime, I did finally finish the query and so I have updated the writing page HERE  so you can see everything I’ve been up to.

You can also read it below:

The Midnight Hour

An outcast of the saintly Port Salus upper class, Raoul Daviau has reinvented himself across the river in the stinking boardwalks of the Fulcrum slums. Even still, he remains haunted by his past: the innocent blood on his hands, the wife who left him, the back-stabbing brother Raoul schemes against.

When a member of his gang goes missing, Raoul’s life in the Fulcrum begins to crumble. When the man’s mutilated body is discovered floating in a canal, and then Raoul is attacked by creatures that are most certainly not human, there is no doubt that evil plagues the Fulcrum.

It will take an uneasy alliance with his estranged wife in order to destroy his brother and keep out of the monsters’ reach — unless the monster inside of Raoul wins first.


More to come. Soon.


p.s. I apologize deeply and humbly for the lack of gif in this post. There will be a gif-a-palooza when I finish this thing. Just you wait. *cackles*