Here you will find information about my writing: novels, novellas, and shorts.


Rheda. Artist: Mahmood Alkhaja,
Artist: Mahmood Alkhaja.

Rheda -18k – high fantasy – complete

Status: subbing

Rheda’s father is dead. Murdered or not, her only protection is no more. When she’s forced into a betrothal with the huntsman – a man her entire village fears – she flees to the shadow of the forest.  Deep within, she finds the wearg, a creature half-man half-wolf, but easier to trust than her own kind. With the huntsman at her heels trusting the wearg may be her only option – but it may cost her humanity.




Camelot. Artist: Stephan Martiniere.
Camelot. Artist: Stephan Martiniere.

A Once & Future Knight — SciFi 

Status: revising/expanding

Back when there was a war on, Gawain was a soldier. Now he’s Arthur’s chief of security on the planet Camelot, center of the Pendragon system. His job mostly entails following Arthur around to mind-numbingly boring political meetings.

At least until an eight-foot-tall green pixie shows up in the middle of a feast, demanding that the king exchange blows with him.


Now Gawain’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later has landed him – and Arthur – in hot water and it’s going to take some unexpected (and unexpectedly hot) allies to unmask a conspiracy and make sure the system doesn’t fall to pieces. Again.

Piece of cake.




Artist: Andre Fedosjeenko
Artist: Andre Fedosjeenko

In Secret Kept high fantasy 

Status: Draft complete, ~67k

Alodia Ramsay is caught between two worlds – the music of her mother’s mountains and the sedate life of her father’s flatlands. At her mother’s death, Alodia’s father forbids all music and betroths her to a man she’s never met. The journey to her intended pulls Alodia away from her mountains, and the melody takes an unexpected turn when Alodia is abandoned in the middle of a forest haunted by cargasts, sad spirits. Here Alodia discovers the castle of the Lord Steward Rinan de Rathais. Though supposed dead Rinan is very much alive – and hell-bent on holding Alodia prisoner. As the days pass and Alodia’s attempts to escape come to nothing, she begins to wonder if the Steward is as much a captive as she is – for the castle holds secrets, both bloody and ancient, and even once they escape to the mountains Alodia may have to make a pact with a demon to gain their freedom.




The Midnight Hour — Victoriana horror/SF

Status: in progress

(summary coming soon)







Heart’s Blood (working title to the sequel to The Midnight Hour) — SF/Western/Horror

Status: in development

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